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Scope: Re-launch of business to include change of identity, redesign of restaurant, menu consultancy & PR.

42 seater bistro owner Jonnie Pratt acquired the restaurant at the end of 2008. Possibly one of the worst times to open a new restaurant, especially one with a less than fantastic history! With serious talent and bags of energy, Jonnie needed to align himself with a sales-driven company that would help shape and focus his dream.

We re-branded him, re-designed the interior of the restaurant (with our Interior Designer client!) and re-launched him with a varied and focused menu promotion campaign. We devised his footprint plan as a Fresh Produce Menu, maximised his Irish roots with the launch of an Irish Supper Club to fill Monday nights and set up a partnership with Corte Real Gallery to create a hanging gallery that would give him the Art in his name and a 6 weekly event to 'launch' the new art with a VIP/Press cocktail evening.

Along the way we sourced a 'baby' free website to allow him to update his menus, his promotions and not cost him any additional money. We booked him for a variety of cross-client events including VIP lunches at the Autódromo do Algarve (the F1 approved racetrack) and as the host of POP-UP Algarve 2010. We supported his expansion efforts with Good Mood Food, a gourmet market stall at Loulé market and made him a star on local radio as the Algarve's leading chef where he broadcasts every Sunday morning a recipe of the week and answers questions and gives 'cheffie tips'.

Oh and we got him into Condé Nast Traveller. But more of that later!

Jonnie’s new logo was captured from his trademark Rembrandt hat and beard!

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