Scope: To create a strong network of influential contacts that could influence decisions on design contracts within the hospitality sector.

Teresa is a leading designer based in Lisbon. Whilst successful in the Algarve, this has traditionally been in the consumer market and she wanted to establish her business within the hospitality sector and with the larger real estate developers.

We arranged a number of intimate lunches to allow her to meet key influencers in the region, not necessarily direct clients, but people who would be useful for her to know and to establish a relationship with. We successfully negotiated for her to provide the beach installation at Vila Joya in 2009 which received excellent reviews and PR. And organised and created the guest list for an exclusive beach party at Vila Joya for 40 key potential clients and invited local press to the event and landed them off a luxury yacht onto the beach at Vila Joya.

Through our series of business dates Teresa has been invited to pitch (and still in discussions) for large-scale decorating business at two of the leading luxury developments in the Algarve and has continued her relationship with Vila Joya working on room upgrades. As a result of the success of Vila Joya, another existing client of hers invited her to decorate a 2* Michelin restaurant in the UK. She is about to furnish a luxury hospitality box at the AIA and has a number of 'dates' still to go on!

PS We always chaperone our dates to make sure no-one has any embarrassing silences and to ensure everyone behaves!!!!

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