Scope: Create measurable leads and conversion to cash sales for a variety of clients.

Do you know in your heart that your business could do better? You know you have good clients, but your key to stability and sustainability would be to find more consistently loyal clients? We created footprint marketing just for you. A small, gradual, consistent feed of new footsteps coming into your business. The right feet, at the right time, building solid growth for your business.

Inspirations Algarve email newsletter was launched in March 2009 to create a steady flow of new business to our clients. Key success stories throughout its campaign (and now joined by a full website have included a gap night campaign for the 2* Michelin restaurant and hotel Vila Joya, new menu launches for Bistro des Z'Artes culminating in many new clients, and campaigns for a variety of luxury lifestyle clients who use Inspirations Algarve to launch new products, new promotions and special offers.

Very much a luxury lifestyle promo-driven site, Inspirations Algarve is sent to over 15,000 qualified luxury lifestyle buyers every two weeks, and is edited in-house by Yellow Kite with reviews provided independently by our team and professional journalists. Reviews cannot be bought, only add-on marketing packages. The newsletter is establishing itself as a must-read on a regular basis and feedback is consistently good (we are very happy to say!)

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